Savari and SAIC Motors Partner to Bring Self-Driving Car Technology to China

Leading V2X Communications Provider Signs Distribution and Manufacturing Agreement With Largest Chinese Car Company

SANTA CLARA, Calif., October 25, 2016, Savari Inc. announced that the company has signed an agreement with SAIC USA Inc. (Fully owned subsidiary of Chinese automaker SAIC Motors) to manufacture and distribute the company’s industry-leading V2X communications solutions in the Greater China and selected ASEAN Coutries. With this partnership, the world’s largest and most advanced V2X communications provider and the largest automotive manufacturer in China are working together to connect cars with roadway infrastructure to pave the way for the proliferation of self-driving vehicles.

Under the terms of the agreement, SAIC will be the distributor and value-added reseller of Savari technology in the Greater China and selected ASEAN markets. The companies are already working to fulfil a substantial order from two prestigious customers (Shanghai International Automobile City and Tongji University), both of whom are the pioneers in autonomous driving, intelligent transporations and smart city.

Additionally, Shanghai International Automobile City and Tongji University plan to implement a live open road smartcity testbed featuring both LTE-V and DSRC based V2X solutions in the National Intelligent CV Pilot in Shanghai’s International Auto City. The smartcity will feature more than 10,000 vehicles equipped with Savari’s V2X solutions.

“SAIC is absolutely the best partner Savari can have to bring our V2X sensors for connected and self-driving cars to China, the world’s largest and fastest growing car market. When we looked for a partner to bring our next-generation V2X sensor technology to the China connected and self-driving car market, SAIC was our top choice. We look forward to using their massive distribution, marketing, engineering and manufacturing ability to capture the Chinese and ASEAN connected and automated vehicle markets,” said Ravi Puvvala, CEO, Savari.

“As China pushes to make motorists safer through connected vehicles, automated vehicles and smart cities, there is a strong demand for reliable V2X sensor solutions. Savari has a proven track record for developing innovative solutions that connect vehicles to the surrounding infrastructure, and the distance covered in Savari’s testing on real roads is unparalleled. We look forward to working with Savari to deploy their technology in China,” said Wenhua Huang, President of SAIC USA Inc.

SAIC Capital, the Menlo Park, CA based corporate venture of SAIC Motor, invested in Savari in 2015. SAIC Innovation Center, the San Jose based SAIC Motor’s advanced technology center, focusing on integrating emerging technologies into vehicles. “SAIC USA, SAIC Capital and SAIC Innovation Center are combining SAIC’s strengths in technology, capital and supply chain together, creating a business model which connects the Silicon valley, Detroit and China, to fastern technology commercialization in a global scale,” said Wenhua Huang.

Savari delivers a complete suite of V2X safety communications technologies that enable connected vehicles to interact with other vehicles, road side infrastructure, smartphones and pedestrians. Savari is agnostic to DSRC and LTE-V radio technologies, and inter-operates with multiple wireless chip vendors. With approximately four hundred thousand hours of public testing of its on-board units (OBU), covering more than 14.9 million miles traveled, Savari is a proven V2X communications technology provider. Savari is also an active participant in major public U.S. smart city testbeds, with over 90 percent of currently installed road-side-units, covering 130 square miles of public area.

V2X communication technology is widely recognized throughout the industry as a ready-to-deploy option to bring advanced situational awareness to the driver through V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle), V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure) and V2P (vehicle-to-pedestrian) safety applications. V2X systems can operate independently or complement other connected vehicle technologies, such as camera, radar and LIDAR. V2X, compared to these other sensors, offers the unique benefit of working in a non-line-of-sight environment with a 0.6 mi./1 km range. Savari’s life-saving V2X solutions are roadway proven, amassing over 15 million miles and four hundred thousand hours of public safety pilot testing with the USDOT.

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About Savari

Savari seeks to make the world’s roadways smarter and safer by deploying advanced wireless sensor technologies and software for V2X environments to support a growing portfolio of intelligent transportation services. With more than 150 man-years of V2X learning and development and 15 million-plus miles per year of public testing, Savari is a leader in V2X technology. Savari is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., and has offices in Detroit, Mich., Munich, Germany, Seoul, Korea and Bangalore, India. The company is comprised of a core team of industry veterans from the automotive, semiconductor, software and telecommunications industries. Savari is partnering with automotive OEMs, system integrators, chipset vendors and industry groups like the U.S. Department of Transportation. For more information, visit